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Our Innovative Products and Services helps customer
to transform their businesses

  • Services We Offer

RMADE Vehicle Management System

Manage and Track your fleet in real time with best in
class GPS hardware / Software in the market


Logistics Sector

Manage all your fleet namely trucks, tankers, cranes, trailers etc., using our RVMS Logistics solution.


Travels Sector

Track your vehicle and manage your daily trips and charts using our specialised RVMS Travels solution.


Education Sector

Manage and Monitor your school bus, van, etc., using our enhanced RVMS Education solution.


Personal Vehicles

Secure and track your personal vehicles like bike, e-bike, car, auto, etc., using our Personal trackers.

Industrial Internet of Things

We provide Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0
solutions to various industrial sectors


Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System

Monitoring room temperature and humidity through our enhanced web/mobile monitoring with alert solution.


Asset Monitoring System

Monitor various assets such as generator, windmill, inverter through our web/mobile assets monitoring solution.


PLC Acquisition Monitoring System

Collect PLC data and monitor its performance through our web/mobile PLC monitoring with alert solution.


Factory Monitoring System

Monitor all your factory machines and equipment’s with our advance web/mobile factory monitoring with alert solution.

Web & Mobile App Development

We develop seamless web and mobile applications with
better customer experience


Website Development

We develop and host professional website for companies and industries which stands apart from others.


Web App Development

We build complex web applications like ERP, CRM, HRM for our clients to manage their business growth.


Native Mobile App Development

We develop, build and deploy native mobile apps for specific needs / solutions required in the native frameworks.


Hybrid Mobile App Development

We develop, build and deploy hybrid mobile apps for all needs ranging from simple app to ERP solutions.