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15 Feb
Casing design for home automation system

Posted by Prakash in Design

This a casing design for a product in home automation which controls speakers and woofers of home theatre wirelessly. This casing can be fixed behind a television panels or other entertainment systems in home. The choice of material was ABS and our suggestion was also the same.

02 Mar
Redesigning to meet the business needs

Posted by Bala Vignesh in RWBS

We are redesigning RWBS for the ever growing business needs. Weighbridge user and installing parties expect a change over from the existing software. Our design team constantly study the market need and updating the software. Client give valuable feedbacks which not only improves the software but also benefits other clients.

25 Mar
RVMS ensures ROI (Return On Investment)

Posted by Gopinath in RVMS

Many of our clients are being benefited on using our vehicle management software. We are constantly studying the market needs and the improvements need to be made in vehicle tracking system. Valuable suggestions from customers improves our software day by day. At the end of the day we feel satisfied since our clients being benefited for the work we do.